What are the Physiotherapy Treatments for Back Pain/Slip Disc/Sciatica

It is a medical condition that affects the spine due to lifting injuries or stiffness in the back, Muscular Weakness, Bad Posture or Disc Bulge.
The spinal cord is one of the most important and prominent parts of the body which is very fragile any damage to this portion can make us bedridden. Spinal bones are layered on one another and Disc referred to as shock absorbers which are placed between the Spinal Bodies.

Sciatica and back pain
The Disc normally do not slip away from their position but at times in severe injury these discs either split or rupture causing to the movement of gel or fluid to run onto the other tissues of spine or disc that creates a sort of pressure on spinal cord or on the nerves causing pain in the affected nerve that falls under the influence of these Spinal Joints.

This type of pain is mainly cured by Physiotherapy Treatment and Some Stretching & Strengthening Exercise that help to reduce stress around the area covering the spine and the disc and helping these to again come to normal condition and can resolve or easily reduce the pain that has occurred in that course of time.
The normal ailment can be regained i.e vitality of the disc can be easily regained by the help of Physiotherapy Treatment.
Slip disc injury is not only found in the Spines, Nerves and Disc it can also be found at the area connected to the spinal cord in back. Sometimes its effect is also found in the regions adjourning to it where these nerves are spreading out it can be in any part of the body connected to the nerves.
Symptoms that are found during the course of the ruptured disc are severe pain in the back, stiffness in back and hand as well as in the legs, shoulders, weakness in shoulders, hands, numbness, and same sensation can be felt in the backhands and legs as well. Physiotherapy can provide a good environment to recover from these ailments easily by personal interaction and study of the patient’s problems.
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